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Dec 9, 2014
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So the wife and I will have a crazy expensive weekend. Living in Saudi means we get no night life (except parties) and no live music. Every once in awhile a band comes to Europe when we can see them. June 19 is one of those days. Thursday night, fly to Heathrow, Friday night Foo Fighters/Iggy Pop at Wembley. We've wanted to go see a megashow there for a long long time so we're coming to London for one night. Dave Grohl breaks his leg a couple days ago and has cancelled the Sweden and Dutch shows, next is Wembley.

SOAB!!!! - might be the most expensive pub beers I've ever had drowning our sorrows if they cancel. I'm already trying to make a plan B. Probably going to The Castle for pork and beer at lunch...

...could give a pub beer report...
I'm betting Grohl plays Wembley. How much time off can he need?

After all, when he broke his leg falling off the stage, he finished playing the show before going to get his cast! The man's a beast.
...and rivered :( Damn, with my schedule and location we'll never get this chance again. Think of the set I could have bought with the plane tickets, hotel,etc. This is the bad beat of the year so far.
That really sucks. I wonder if Grohl is being a wuss or if it is a very serious injury. I saw Metallica play with Kirk Hammet in a full leg cast. He just had chair on stage and played away.
He's not a pussy, there was surgery and such. I'm so pissed because regardless the outcome there is no chance any replacement show would include Iggy Pop. I wonder where he might pop up on Friday Night?

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