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Nov 3, 2019
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Whistler, BC
Hey guys, so I moved, not TOO far away, but I had a hell of a game going in Whistler, now looking to expand that to my new town 40 minutes away. What are you thoughts? I've got a couple guys who want to play, and this was my welcome email. Anything I should add?

"Hello Everyone!

All of you have either played poker at the Camino Casino (my old Whistler home), expressed interest in playing poker, or I'm trying to convince you to play poker. If you're the latter, you can ignore these messages, and if you don't want to be invited anymore and would prefer to sit at home alone on a tues/thurs night watching re-runs of Downton Abbey, by all means I will accommodate you and remove you from the list. However, if you're awesome and want to be invited to the best poker night in town, then I recommend you stay on the list. Even if you know absolutely NOTHING about poker, you should have a great time. We'll have drinks, darts and other board games going as well.

A couple of things: I have a lot of experience hosting, and want to run a fun, inclusive game with integrity. We follow casino rules, but it's still newbie friendly, if you want to learn poker this is a great space because I can remind you of rules and etiquette, without you worrying about being chastised. A couple of nights playing with the College of Handsome Men, and you should feel comfortable slipping into a $1/$3 game at the Bellagio. I follow Robert's rules of poker for Cash games, and WSOP tournament rules for tournaments.

We primarily play Texas Hold'em. and I'll spread a couple of different stakes, usually 25c/25c to 50c/$1 cash ($25-$100 buy-in cash game), and we'll have $50-$100 buy in tournaments, usually with bounties. I will be running a tournament league with points that'll be a lot of fun as well, which will wrap up with a big main event at the end of the "season". When it comes to stakes, my rule of thumb is it should feel pretty good when you win, and not too bad when you lose, so plan accordingly. Usually at my 25c games the biggest winner will be up $100-150, and the biggest loser down $60ish. I run a max 7 cash game as that allows for better chatter at the table, and tournaments I can host up to 18 total over two tables.

-Absolutely NO RAKE, I love hosting, but don't worry, I'm not here to profit off the game. I'd rather take your money the old fashioned way... by bluffing.
-Starting hands are dealt at 8 pm, and we'll go until the game breaks or tournament has finished. With Cash you can exit whenever you'd like, but it's good to give notice so you don't get labelled as someone who hits and runs (wins a big hand and f**ks off ;))
-Cash games will run every other week Tue or Thursday. I'm flexible so I'll work with what the players can do if those days don't work.
-A Tournament will happen once every two months
-I have a full bar/beer fridge so feel free to help yourself, but it's always a good idea to byob if you have preferences.
-I will provide food for cash games, and we'll fund a great spread for our tournaments from the prize pool.
-I run a high hand of the night jackpot as well as a bad beat jackpot.
-I usually end up dealing all night to help keep the game moving, and so players can enjoy themselves.

My more serious house rules:
-Don't berate other players
-Don't steal the chips
-Don't cheat
-Don't f**k with the table

Once I have dates lined up I'll send out invites, it'll be first come first serve and our Whistler games usually filled up within minutes.

Lastly, if you have time, please let me know your preferences for games/nights. LINK HERE


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this is like a dream poker invite. i wish i was local to you.

*except for the host dealing all night - not a fan personally, for various reasons.
this is like a dream poker invite. i wish i was local to you.

*except for the host dealing all night - not a fan personally, for various reasons.
I’ve brought that up with guys before. They always prefer it. But I totally would understand if they wouldn’t.
Oh and yes that is a @T_Chan man…. But I’m not debuting it until the chairs arrive and the room is complete. ;)
Oh and yes that is a @T_Chan man…. But I’m not debuting it until the chairs arrive and the room is complete. ;)
It is so very very hard for me to not go into threads everywhere and just POST PICTURES ALL OVER THE PLACE of people's awesome things being worked on.

Did I mention that Tony is out of town for a few days?
I would be there for sure! but my wife don t let me have fun... that and I live 5000 km away from you...
it looks great!
I’m in!

Oh wait, how far is Whistler from Stockholm?

Great great invite, I would be excited as hell to attend!

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