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Nov 27, 2014
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Hey peeps, thought I would make the transition and see what colour the grass is over here :)

Currently in Brisbane but moving soon to Adelaide

Hey Welcome Mango. Where abouts in Adelaide are you moving? Might be able to get a game going if you are interested and not to far away.
Thanks Stocky.

Initially bunking with family at Marion but I will be moving to wherever I can find work.

I would be happy for a game, been over 3 years since I hosted the last one, getting a bit itchy to throw some cards and chips around. Im more of a social player preferring low stakes cash (our old game was .25/.25 with $20 buyins) so i dont lose too much in a night and have a good dribble crap session with friends. :)
I just moved to Victor Harbor which is roughly an hour away. If I get a game going and you're willing to travel I'll let you know.
Happy to be kept in the loop, an hour isnt too bad for a fun night of poker. Might even have a weekend away with the family at Victor, plus I used to holiday as a kid at pt Elliott, be interesting to see if I can remember much about it apart from the nice beach and the shop that used to have an old pinball machine :)
Mango, glad you made it over :)

Yours is one of my favorite of the last round of CTer BCC sets. Beautiful color and spot selection and awesome inlay design. More pr0n!
Thanks guys!

welcome here !
any picture of the pinball available ?

I once had three but sold down to 1 and sold the last 1 a month ago because I am preparing to move about 2000km. Sad to see her go but it had to be done, still have 2 arcade machines though but I might cut that down to 1.

Old pic when I lived in a unit in the city not the best pic of the pin but it is an old 1973 Gottlieb King Pin

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