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Mar 23, 2024
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Lebanon, TN, USA
Hello! My name is Douglas and I live just outside of Nashville, TN. I have popped in here from time to time just to satisfy my need for chip porn. I've decided to finally create an account and maybe get involved in conversations one-in-a-while. I play poker online and live. I love cigars and used to be a scotch guy, but have converted to the bourbon culture since moving here to TN.

I currently have a cash set of Paulsons from Horseshoe Indiana (pictured in my avatar) that my wife bought me a few years ago as a gift. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find players for a home game since moving here, so they sit on my shelf. I used to run a home game regularly, but it just hasn't worked out like that here. I don't know anyone in my area of TN who plays. I recently started going to a poker room across the border in Kentucky, so at least I can play some cash games there now.

Not really sure what else to put in here, but I wanted to introduce myself and look forward to hopping into some other threads soon. Cheers!


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