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Nov 27, 2018
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Hello everyone! I'm building my first poker table and I want it to be as nice as possible, which is why I am including digital LED strips (dimmable, colored, soft or bright white, etc) on the table underneath the arm rail as well as a second run of lights underneath the table that will be on a separate programmed channel and probably remain white for added lighting in the room 99% of the time. But I figure go big or go home with this so everything will be customizable and able to color it up for special occasions/move with music/adjustable brightness etc... You get my point. Anyway, my question for anyone that has experience or knowledge on the topic is can I set/program the lights bordering the play surface to be on a timer so that they go from a relaxing steady soft white glow at the 9 minute mark it starts a pattern of my choosing that essentially is a count down till they go "red" and blink from 9 min 55 sec -10:00 and hold red for 5 seconds. After wich it repeats the loop? Obviously this is just a fun way of marking the blinds that I thought of but it's not crucial by any means, although I seriously doubt that this can't be done, for whatever reason I can't find the equipment required to accomplish this in my hours of internet searching. Hopefully one of the experts here can point me in the right direction. Thank you for your time and help!
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