Kicking around some ideas for CPS themed poker cloths (1 Viewer)


Dec 5, 2013
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Since the CPS chips should be arriving any day, its time to start talking about accessories. Over the next couple of weeks there will be several announcements about oversized 500k and 1M ceramic chips, Bounty chips, Dealer Buttons and the like. For now, I thought I'd post some of the ideas/variations that I've been thinking about for the poker cloth group buy which is bound to happen (either through Palm Imports, Chanman and/or whatever other supplier we decide to go with). Let me know what you think.
Love the CPS chips (got an order for 1200 tourney set) and the design you made, really beautiful work. My input is that I'd rather see the logo directly in the center of the cloth, rather than spread out onto the sides.
While I don't think I'll be buying one (I'll have to think about it), I like the design as is.

I have one of those cheap suited rail tables (shameful, I know), and I'm not overly handy. I can see taking it apart and not getting it back together, or not properly centering the design, which would tilt me like crazy.
Erik, I'm not a big fan of centered-logo cloths, because they tend to hide or obscure chips during play. I'd rather see the logo outside of the betting line (smaller, and centered on each side of the table), and might consider incorporating the rainbow suits into the betting line itself.

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