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Mar 26, 2013
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Wilmington, DE
I saw these chips at ASM in Las Vegas last week, and was very happy with how they turned out. We'll likely begin offering them on the Key West site soon. The chips are brightly colored solid ASM H mold chips with a "reverse inlay," the Key West logo on a black inlay. The base colors and inlay color is intended to set them apart from the denominated Key West chips. At $1.10 per chip, they'll be less expensive than the 312s, and could double as a non-denominated tournament chip.

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Those are beautiful, especially that yellow chip. Exactly which colours were used?

Thanks! The colors are:

Top row: Light green; Lavender; Day-Glow Pink
Bottom row: Light blue; Blue; Day-Glow Yellow

The colors were also selected to differ from the denominated chips.
Very nice! Color are great!
Responded elsewhere, but want to reiterate that these came out great. Excellent color choices. I might buy some to use as all purpose bounty and rebuy chips across my tournament sets
Any sample sets of these available or maybe a bigger sample set that has these and the denominated Key west chips?
Any sample sets of these available or maybe a bigger sample set that has these and the denominated Key west chips?

Mr. Cheese:

Yes! Sample sets of the six roulette chips are immediately available on the site for $6.60 plus shipping, $1.10 per chip.

For registered PCF members ordering here, I will offer the following:

Key West Sample Set - 2-week Special and Contest

Roulette chip sample sets: Six chips for $6 *

All 18 chips - 12 denominated Key Wests and six roulette chips for $20 *

Six random chips will be LIVE -- accompanied by their face value in cash.

This contest is open to registered members of the Poker Chip Forum only. To be eligible to win, you must order your sample sets by PM to dennis63 here at Poker Chip Forum by midnight October 30, 2013.

(* plus actual shipping cost)

The six random LIVE chips will be:
One 5-cent chip
One 25-cent chip
One $1
One $2.50 chip
One $5
One roulette chip valued at an "outside bet" of $2

The cash value of "LIVE" chips will be placed, with the chip, into sample packages selected at random. All sample sets will ship out on October 31.


Send paypal payments to:

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Hey Dennis,

That's an awesome deal and thank you for offering that special as well! Where do I send paypal to? I'd like to go for the full 18 chip sample set :)



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