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Dec 13, 2017
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Here is my 500 chip cash set that I made approximately 15 years ago with ASM. McDermotts (my last name) Grand Island (the city that I live in). They look similar to other fantasy chips but I had them designed and ready to turn in before chips like Key West etc came to market so it was a bit of a bummer to have chips out there like my design but that happens to alot of people. These were made when ASM was just adding other edge spots besides their initial 312 offerings. The edge spots are very basic because I've had a tournament set designed with progressive edge spots starting where this one ends that im going to revisit and hopefully bring to fruition. I was really looking for a classic looking chip thus the more basic edge spots and I think the H mold gives an old timey classy look. My favorite was actually the Roman mold but ASM kinda talked me out of it (very happy they did) because the mold at the time was worn out and inconsistent. Anyhow, I've been away from chips for over 10 years as I was busy raising 3 boys and now I'm excited to get back on the horse and feed this addiction again! PS to add: I was influenced by my Paulson Pharaohs NCV's that had an Egyptian symbol instead of a $value. Hence, the astrological signs of me, my wife and my two oldest sons.


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Just seen my chip is still on CPC's 'Featured Chips' page after almost 20 years! That feels good as my color selection was purposely rather generic as my future tournament set includes alot of bright colors and much more dynamic edge spots.

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