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May 19, 2018
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Added pics to show the kind of chips looking for. Just would want higher denominations for like either a T25 base set or a T100 base set. Everyone enjoys both.
I have been looking at several sets I like like Bahamians which are really hard to find and the AST is out of my price range
Looking for a set I can use in a tournament format that has a good breakdown. I used to do 10k tournaments but tried out a 20k and 30k. Those both seam to work better with people being happier having more chips
I sold some stuff so I was looking at spending 2k in a set but if it had high denominations and was a dream set I could definitely spend more. Maybe 4 k or so I’m not a collector so this will be my final set to purchase. Haha I’m sure many of you have said that but with 3 kids, military and wife that will beat me up. This will be my final wanted add on here unless I win the Loto. Someone help me out
If anyone is interested i do have a Paulson Pharaoh set that consists of
160 x t25
160 x t100
140 x t500
100 x t1k
40 x 55k re labeled with gear labels
All of these chips are mint
I don’t have a real Casino set. Just fantasy chips and a newly acquired cash games set so this would be cool


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