For Sale 1020-chip Empress Star Primary Tourney (ESPT) Set (2 Viewers)

Is that what roll tide means?
I think it’s more of an overlap situation than a definition per se

[Went to drop the price on the previous posting but was no longer editable]

I feel I have to say: not rolling up a stake for WaB :wtf:

Another treasured set going out the door. Chips are minty sharp, have been felted 2 or 3 times.

Please express your interest in the thread or via PM, but this is not a dibs sale. Splitting is possible down the line if I can't find a buyer for the whole set, but split dibs wouldn't be binding either and I would likely start by splitting the set into two first.

Price: $9000 $8500 (shipping included if US, otherwise buyer responsible).

240 x T25
240 x T100
120 x T500
240 x T1K
120 x T5K
40 x T25K
20 x bounty (T5 inlay replaced)

Extras: Cut cards and buttons pictured. The smaller buttons are the Paulson 50mm buttons from the original buy.

Will include Paulson racks if wanted.


Great set, great breakdown (although you could use another ten bounties for if/when you run three tables). Tournament sets don't get much better than this.
The chipping voices in my head telling me to expand my 240/240 set into a 480/480 are very strong. Chipping is so f@&$ed up. One minute you’re content and the next you’re trying to give yourself excuses to use MOAR. F@&k this. I need to set my web filters to now allow me to open this thread up.
Hmmmm. Still sitting here. Hmmm hmmm hmmm.

Now I just bought a set with the following break down. Now I could try to expand this for an eventual 3 table set up which would be as big as I ever want to go. Even now it’s pretty limited for a 2 person set up.

120 x t25
120 x t100
60 x t500
120 x t1000
80 x t5000

Right now this works well for a 12/12/5/7/2 ten person 20k starting stack and I have exactly enough purples for an exact change bonus and 2k yellows for an on time bonus.

It gets a little iffy for a second table, even using the 8/8/6/6/2 which I would use for more than one table.

I could expand this to get a comfy two tables with the chip bonus. The chip bonus at 3 tables would add on a hefty extra 90 chips though.

I also have the 25t tigers from that sale as well already which would help.

What would this set look like if you were doing 3 tables?

I note you said you would consider splitting the set into two first before fully splitting it which is appealing.

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