For Sale 1020-chip Empress Star Primary Tourney (ESPT) Set (2 Viewers)


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Apr 10, 2017
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Bellevue, WA
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[Went to drop the price on the previous posting but was no longer editable]

I feel I have to say: not rolling up a stake for WaB :wtf:

Another treasured set going out the door. Chips are minty sharp, have been felted 2 or 3 times.

Please express your interest in the thread or via PM, but this is not a dibs sale. Splitting is possible down the line if I can't find a buyer for the whole set, but split dibs wouldn't be binding either and I would likely start by splitting the set into two first.

About Splitting: If a group wants to come forward with a split that has all chips accounted for, has pricing that adds up to $8500 (US shipping included), I'll consider it. Fewer shipments will increase the likelihood of success.

Price: $9000 $8500 (shipping included if US, otherwise buyer responsible).

240 x T25
240 x T100
120 x T500
240 x T1K
120 x T5K
40 x T25K
20 x bounty (T5 inlay replaced)

Extras: Cut cards and buttons pictured. The smaller buttons are the Paulson 50mm buttons from the original buy.

Will include Paulson racks if wanted.


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I’d take what’s left of the 100’s if you do go for a split :eek:

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