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Sep 2, 2019
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Is it just as easy as sticking the sticker labels onto the chip or is there an easier way to avoid bubbles and non-centered applications? Would appreciate it if someone could point me towards an old thread if this was answered previously.

Yup, just set it into the edge, and roll it on. Never had any bubble issues, as they pretty much fall in flat. Any issues, you can use a xacto to lift an edge and reset, just be gentle. Once they are on for a day tho and the glue has set, they don't come off nearly as easy.
I personally had issues with bubbles on a few occasions when I did some overlabels when I started my first few chips. I lost a bit of heart, but had extra labels, so no big deal.

I think it was just dust or dirt and these bubbling problems were eradicated by way of wiping each chip to be labeled individually. Only takes a few seconds. Dry microfiber cloth and apply.

Just my .01 cent
When I did my @Gear overlabels, I placed one edge of the label lightly in place, lowered the label most of the way, checked for alignment, and finally pressed down in a rolling motion. (I'm nearsighted and did mine without glasses.)

@Jeevansluck is right. Especially for thin vinyl overlabels, the inlay area must be free of dirt and dust for best results.

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