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Jun 28, 2015
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The intent behind Discobeetle Software has shifted over the years, but the name has been around a while. In college, I started doing freelance software development. At the time, I was an avid lurker of Scott Keen's Poker Table Forum. I keenly (hah) remember him mentioning that he didn't work much, just lived off the royalties from some software he wrote.

Originally, the goal of Discobeetle Software was to be a consulting company until I could do the same thing. I didn't have a concrete plan on how to do that, but the concept was attractive. Well, reality got in the way, and after graduating I ended up working for somebody else, not living the beach life.

In the past couple years, I've been working on some poker related software projects. One of these is already released and available - the BCC Protégé Variant Gallery. The next which will be released is a database of poker games. The database is attached to a small web server which can be used to modify the database entries. It can also render a 'game card' based on @abby99's mixed game cards. Naturally, the contents of the database are also based on @abby99's cards. Thanks to her for giving me permission to build it!

My goal with this database is twofold. First, it is a prerequisite for other projects. Secondly, it will be made available as open source software, free of charge - just like the original card PDFs. My hope is that people might find it useful for running their home games.

There is a short list of todos remaining, including layout fixes and adding more games to the database. I also need to solve a little dilemma I'm calling "The Banco Conundrum". My plan with this first database release is to get it out before the end of October. If there is interest, it's possible that other features could be added to the server.


My primary goal with Discobeetle Software is to be your poker software solution provider. I have ideas, you have ideas - I'm hoping y'all can help me filter out the bad ones. I want to produce software which will be useful for your home games. And perhaps beyond.

If any of that sounds interesting to you, please watch this space.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to chat in this thread or message me with any comments.
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Sounds cool. How long until the database is released?
I expect the initial release will happen before the end of October. It will probably be nearer the end of the month than not. The first release won't have the complete database of games present in Abby's list, but it will have at least the more common ones. Here is my basic list of remaining tasks:

v1.0 - ETA before November
• Fix positioning issue with card display
• Integrate logic to determine game details (max # of players, Split Pot, etc)
• Finish adding initial games
• Install instructions/documentation

I have at least 2 follow up releases planned which will bring the database to parity with the original PDFs.
Then there is the potential for 'bonus features'. Possibilities include things like: configurable colors/layouts/sizes for the card display, print support, a 'table' feature which persists games for use during live play, pre- and custom built game lists (8-Game, Bob's Circus of 2022, etc).
If you have it ready before Angel Fire then it can be tested in action.
That would be pretty cool. I'll do my best! I've already entered time off for Monday and Tuesday that week to work on this project so it's not impossible.
I assume that's a screen shot of the software? If so, I recommend adding the maximum players to the screen too. Some of the wilder games use all of the cards.

I'll read gooder next time.
I will have this out soon, promise! October was kind of a stressful month as I had a harddrive failure which needed fixed before I could continue working on this project. But I'm back in action and only have 1 thing left to do before I can release a v1.


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