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Mar 7, 2020
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Hello guys, new guy here.
I'm a big fan of poker chips. I'm now having a set of Greek Gods poker chips and a set of EPT chips
I want to buy another poker chips set (300 - 350 pcs)
Please give me some recommendation, except for Tiki Kings because the delivering to my country costs even more than the chip sets.
I love non-denomination ceramic chips and these are some chips set that I have or really like but they stopped selling them.


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Hello and welcome!

We can make all sorts of recommendations, because we love spending other peoples money. But you will have to decide what type of set you want, and what it's for, and at what price. For example, I could sell you a 500-chip Bud Jones cash set right now, for US$390 which is inclusive of Priority International Shipping costs to Vietnam, but it may be completely different to what you need or what you want.
Take a look at Sunfly chips from apollonchips.com. They’re top quality, and shipping from China shouldn’t be too high. I believe you can get them customized, as well.

Good luck, and welcome to PCF!

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