I am training to be a casino dealer, and i have noticed a demand for poker dealers on this website, (2 Viewers)


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Nov 28, 2022
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hello, i am training to be a casino dealer and i have noticed that there is a demand for casino dealers on this website, however, i live in Washington state where money poker games are illegal and if i was to deal for a poker game in washington state i would be looking at a 25K fine from the state

so i wanted to come on here and ask if there is any state where i can move to and legally advertise my poker dealing services (once i develop them, i'm not trained yet)

has anyone else done anything like this? what was your experience? what would you guys recommend? how much does a poker dealer make doing home games? what is the best way to get clients?

thank you
In my experience, a good dealer makes a lot more at a home game. Casino dealer could expect around $30/hr including tips. Home Game dealer, maybe $50/hr. Having said that, home game dealers don't get nearly the same amount of breaks as a casino dealer, or any worker protections for that matter, but the extra pay usually makes up for it.

If you were busted at an illegal game, it's unlikely you'd be charged unless you were the one running it.

This site has some info on the legality of poker in each state. Although, others here likely have actual experience dealing in the US.

After dealer training you're going to have to get some actual experience. It can take years to become a really good dealer. Fortunately for you the demand for dealers only requires a competent dealer, which you could likely achieve after 6 months of 5 days/ week experience.

My recommendation: get some experience any whatever legit casino/card room, then the world is your oyster.
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I've personally found a lot of home games by connecting with people on social media, Reddit, and websites that show home games by state.
Learn PLO, in my experience if you able to handle pot limit Omaha, your skills are in high demand
I played in an underground game during Covid that was full of dealers both from local casinos and from the charity rooms that are around here. It seemed to me that a lot of the dealers ran their own games or dealt for the other dealers that ran games.

They all still play in these underground, high raked, match the stack 1-2 games even though the casinos have been open. I think they like being away from the average schmucks at the card rooms. I don’t get it because they take almost 8-10 every hand.

And it seemed like they low key poached players from their day dealer gigs. Or maybe they invited players that became friends. They probably offered certain party favors that you don’t get at a legit room. Ex: Speed, Sex, Steak lol

Long story short if you get in with some other dealers and get into their home or underground games then you will be able to build your own game and recruit players. Start off by chatting up the dealers at places you already are playing at. Assuming you are.

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