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There is an app called poker tools that does this exact thing. This website makes it easy to access without having to download anything. I think if you can find a better name it can get more traffic.
Sometimes cash is just not possible, this software is to help hosts when thats the case. Otherwise use cash
I don’t want to be a wet blanket but I don’t even know what this means. Civil unrest, collapse of the dollar?
Back when players used to show up with cash, managing cash games was way easier. But these days, me and my friends handle all money transfers through Venmo. Its always a 15 min hassle at the end of every game to figure out who needs to pay who.

So I created a website to handle all of this:


No login required, supposed to be a very quick and lightweight tool that you can pull out on your phone.

Simply create a room, and start adding players. You can edit buy in amounts by clicking on a player's row in the list of players.

Once players start to leave, or when the game ends, click on the players, and enter their cash out amount. Once all cash outs are entered, the reimbursements are calculated, and displayed for the least amount of transactions necessary.

All rooms created can be accessed in the list of rooms on https://www.tarnib.live/poker, in case you accidentally closed your tab. If you don't want strangers seeing your home game results, you can set an optional password. You can also give your room an optional name to easily find it in the list of rooms. Rooms in the list will be deleted 1 week from creation to reduce clutter.

If you want to save your results, you can click the save icon on the top right, which will print the results in PDF format, and save it on your device (if colors don't work in the PDF, make sure to enable background graphics in the advanced settings).

My friends and I have been using this for our cash games for a few months now, and usually send a screenshot of the results in our group chat at the end of every game. Now that I'm a part of PCF, I wanted to share it here.

I strongly recommend that only 1 person be in charge of handling changes in your room, as changes made on one device will not show on other devices unless the page is refreshed.

Hopefully the website is self explanatory, and you shouldn't have any issued navigating it, but if you do feel free to leave any feedback or constructive criticism on this thread.

Are you building a website for tarnib too?
Nice user name ... lol
Are you building a website for tarnib too?
Nice user name ... lol
Lol you caught me. I originally built tarnib.live to play with my friends since we all live in different cities now. But then I decided to build tarnib.live/poker to keep it under the same domain name. Never intended on making this a public thing, it was more of an app for me to use with my friends to make our lives easier.

Then I joined PCF and thought why not and decided to share it here for whoever was interested. I cleaned up the poker part of the website since other users were gonna use it and disabled the tarnib part since its not ready for public use. This was more a small passion project

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