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Not Mine Hurry before they are gone! (Dunes scam) (1 Viewer)


4 of a Kind
Jan 29, 2015
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New York
trading cards nowadays are such a huge scam. Print cheap paper cards, say they are rare. Sell them at retail for insane prices and somehow people eat it up. It is complete artificial scarcity. When they make 950 limited edition cards, that doesn't make them rare. Because if more people want to buy them, they'll make more the following year. The supply is infinite.

Actually, fuck these are genius. Take chips and make them a "rare" trading card that is a 1/1 limited edition. Sell them in generic packs for hundreds of dollars and watch collectors with no brain on their head foam at the mouth. I honestly don't feel bad for anyone buying these because it is the same people who got hosed with NFTs. Just chasing trends trying to hit a jackpot.

Technically there is nothing illegal about these listings. I am pretty sure these are Genuine Upper Deck trading cards that are worth literally nothing, but have such a cult following that somehow people spend hundreds on them.

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