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Feb 12, 2023
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We've all seen photos of 10+ years old Paulson bike tires. Now as I'm considering my first custom CPC set, I was wondering how these chips looks like after a heavy usage.

Few CPC samples that I have seem to be much harder and more "dense" than Paulsons.

Do you guys have any thoughts/experience/photos?
I have CPCs (well, ASMs) that are over 15 years old. Six different sets actually that all get used in rotation (along with my Paulson set). Most are perfectly broken in (well, not the newest ones that are only a few years old at most) but are far from bike tires.

That's not because they are harder than Paulson but because they aren't seeing the heavy use that a set of chips, ANY set of chips, sees in casino use. "10+ year old Paulson bike tires" look like that because they had 10+ years of casino use.

There are ASMs that were used in casinos that are bike tires. It's just the nature of the beast and specifically that kind and amount of use.

Maybe defining what you consider heavy use might help people figure out how to quantify your question. There are folks here with ASM/CPC sets that are over ten years old that have weekly use on them. They might be able to help describe what their chips look and feel like after that much time and use, but I have a hard time believing they have anywhere near bike tire level of wear.
CPCs don’t wear like paulsons. They get buttery smooth to shuffle. Soooo nice.
I had a shuffle stack of nicely used A-molds for a while. Still square edges, and plenty of texture on the chips, but just softened a bit. I absolutely loved the way they felt and shuffled.
I have had a shuffle barrel of 20 FDL mold chips for ten years at my desk at work. They have been touched an unbelievable amount of time for home chips, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, during that time. They feel so darn good I will not absent mindedly go for any of my other 10,000 plus chips. I wish all the others felt this good.they are nowhere near bike tires. In fact look 90% as new as the first day I got them out.
Time. Time ages chips, as it does all things.

My quarters - which got used weekly for a few years in a 5 person, 4 hour, let’s put Bud Light in the vending machine and see how many Berg can drink home game at a neighbor’s place - definitely have a different stack height then the other chips. They also got used bi-monthly for a 12-15 hour session for 10 years, plus the occasional 8-10 hour ad hoc session, plus at least 1 3-4 day meetup a year.

All of them shuffle fantastically. I’m very clumsy. I can shuffle 5-6 casino Paulsons, maybe 4 max if they’re new. I can shuffle a full stack of my ASMs no problem. They really do wear wonderfully.
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This was my work shuffle stack for several years. Wore really well.

My ones that have been in play for 5 years have more fleabites and still sharp-ish edges overall.

I have some old casino-worn ASMs that are bike tires. Not sure if the formula is similar, but even though these are really worn, the edges are still gritty with a great texture.
Maybe it’s the brass flakes, which are still in current CPC chips.

He speaks truth and wisdom, all you Bergs haters be damned to hell!
While he might be right about aging chips, the only time @bergs and Supreme should be used in the same sentence is when one is discussing food orders from Taco Bell. Everybody knows this rule.
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White he might be right about aging chips, the only time @bergs and Supreme should be used in the same sentence is when one is discussing food orders from Taco Bell. Everybody knows this rule.
I’d love a taco supreme right now, honestly. It’s 10:56a here but I know the Bell outside the grocery store is open…
I just just a couple of espressos in the morning to loosen my stool.
My only custom clays set is a 2003 ASM set. They were used a few nights a month for the first 4 years. Then a few years off and then a little less than once a month for another 2-3 years. I did also have a solid set of ASMs that were only played with once to compare.

The used set got tacky which I was difficult to safely clean. (Cleaning chips is the original way I found this forum!) I needed up looking and finally bought a ceramic set to make easy of cleaning better.

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