Hoser Hut 2.0 - Bring Your "Eh" Game! (1 Viewer)

Wooow, I thought I was confused, I did not realise you had made not one, but two amazing sets!
If I may ask, considering the first one is great already, what motivated you to design a second one? The need to test ideas? (I have not even finished the first one and fear the prospect already… So. Many. Cool. Ideas.)

The original frac is brilliant, and I think I prefer the first 5 (cool spot and truly great colours combo), but this second set is… more cohesive? "Better" all in all? Congratulations.

Now organize the long-awaited Swiss meetup. I say this in a very interested way, because I could see these beauties IRL!

And I totally second this ^__^
Me: I'm not a sample set collector.


Me: F#ck!
Very nice! I'm sure you are elated with the final product. The only minor thing that sticks out is the shaped inlay on the Black $100. Might as well made it standard and saved the money. Best wishes and keep chipping!!!
I had the chance to play with this awesome set at the Cologne Card Carnival PCF Meetup 2023 today (!) and it was a blast!!! That's what I call an absolutely fantastic custom set. The $5 has such a great color combo that it instantly skyrocked to my personal number 1 custom chip.

Congratulation Connor for this superb set. It was an honor playing with you and thx god you brought this set :cool Kudos!!!
Congrats! Awesome set. Really enjoyed to see them. Unfortunately wasn’t able to play with them or get one of your pot sweetener. Thanks for sharing some of these btw.

These and the Rounders Cologne set and many others I saw yesterday reminded me that I really should put more time into my first fully custom set.

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