Cash Game HELP- Cash Game (2) hands- What would you do?


Sitting Out
Feb 11, 2019
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New Haven, IN
First hand, fold pre. As played, fold to the raise. Figure that somebody may be calling off open ended with the 7 and have at least 1 of your outs covered. There are a ton of combos in a pot like that which contain a 7. 9-7 is a very real possibility to be calling off here. With 2 in already, you know your overs are no good to make a pair so you are down to the straight outs only and a 2% backdoor flush. Better places to draw, even getting slightly better than 2 to 1.

Second hand, flatting to set mine is only a good idea if you are super deep in the game and can make implied odds worth hitting the set, otherwise you are playing from behind. So $20 to call pre makes sense. Lots of overs on that flop, but no bettors so the check through is a lucky break. Turn comes with your 8 but opens up a ton of straight and flush possiblities here. 9-10 and Q-10 are open ended, and now we have a flush draw to handle. 15 into 60 is a terrible bet, especially when you look behind at what they have left. You say that the villain only had 103 left at the river, which means he has 120 here. I bet pot here, even with a made hand. If he is willing to commit half his chips here on a draw to go 2 to 1 and then shove half the pot on the river, then so be it, you priced him out and he won anyway. If he shoves over you on the turn he clearly has a monster already. If he calls, then we don't have to make a tough decision on the turn when his pricing is half the pot on any bet, because our equity with a set covers just about everything.
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