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3 of a Kind
Nov 8, 2014
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Austin, TX
I've been lurking in and out for a couple months but I thought I would finally post. Been around a couple years on the other forum but I was never a prolific poster, never attended any meet ups, so I don't expect to be remembered. Post count of 0 is pretty sad though so here is number one! No good pr0n for right now but I'm hoping to possibly get a new camera in the next couple months and maybe I can contribute some photos then :)
What took you so long?! jump right in, the water's fine. And most everything else, too. :)
Welcome. It's a good forum and nice people.

Low post count? No problem. Find two or three of topics you like to talk about, share your knowledge and unique perspective and before you know it you have lots of post and we all have a more complete forum. I enjoy the poker strategy, chip maintenance, home game and the off topic sections. I need to stay out of the classified section.

Stick around. Keep posting and your post count will rise and your dollar count will fall.
Welcome to pfc, this place is the happiest place on earth (not Disney land, they don't have chips....).
Welcome to PCF. Looking forward to seeing some pictures :)

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