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Oct 28, 2014
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Tampa FL
Picked up a 32" Samsung Syncmaster 320px off Craigslist awhile back. Was using it to display my tournament clock. Yesterday I turn it on and the screen stays black, the power light remains green.

Tried to restart it, no dice. Disconnected from my laptop, it should display the Samsung logo when not connected to another device, still a black screen with power on.

Found these on eBay:

Backlight Inverter Board

Main Board

Anyone know if one of those should be my culprits?
Try a different cable or different computer in case the cable or video card out are bad. If the monitor has a different input try that too. It's probably the monitor with the logo not displaying but it's worth a shot.

Best Buy has a 32" LED TV for $159. How much money do you want to spend throwing parts at an old monitor?
Dammit Jim, he's a doctor not a TV repairman.

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