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Mar 16, 2014
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Hey everyone !

I wanted to share an email I got from Greg today that I thought most of you might have an interest in If you cant make it to Vegas for the WSOP this is how you can rail from afar and win some cold hard cash at the same time.

Here is his email to me .... if you have an interest let me know and I can send you the pay details. He plays in our home game here in town and needless to say his record speaks for himself. Personally his best game is Stud8 or better by his own admission but my money is going on his 2-7 skills.... At that buy in the field will be less than 400 I would guess. I like his chances...

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From Greg:


You may be aware that I have a group of investors who have bought into my poker bankroll for the entire year. After a couple of months, we are fairly close to break-even, but this leaves the bankroll in a position where we are underfunded to play in the larger buyin WSOP events. While we will be using that year-long bankroll to play in smaller buyin bracelet events and the Main Event, I am selling pieces of my action in individual larger-buyin bracelet events. The following events are those which I would like to play, but will not unless the bankroll increases significantly between now and then, or if I sell sufficient pieces to make it a smart bankroll decision. If you are interested in buying any of my action in these individual events, please let me know as soon as possible to reserve your piece. Here are the details.

These are the events to which I am selling action on an individual basis:

Date Event Game Buy in

31 May 7 2-7 Triple Draw 10,000

11 June 27 Stud 10,000

13 June 29 2-7 NL 10,000

17 June 37 NLH 6-max 10,000

19 June 41 Stud/8 10,000

26 June 54 PLO 8-max 10,000

27 June 56 NLH Turbo 5,000

1 July 63 HORSE 10,000

3 July 67 Dealers Choice 10,000

Of these, I particularly want to play events 7, 29, 41, 63, and 67, as I believe my edge is greatest in these games. All sales of pieces will be done with the standard markup method. Pieces will be sold in $500 shares, with a markup of 1.2 for 1 share ($600 to buy 1 share), a markup of 1.15 for 2-3 shares ($575 per share if buying 2 or 3 shares), and a markup of 1.1 for 4 or more shares ($550 per share if buying 4 or more shares). 1 share will get you 5% of my action, 10% if for event 56. If I cash for $20,000 in event 7, for example, and you bought 1 share, you would get paid $1000. If I cashed for $100,000, you would get paid $5,000, etc. Plus, these markup reductions are cumulative across events, so if buy 4 shares in total action at the lowest markup, you can spread those shares around multiple events (e.g., for $2200 you can buy 1 share in each of 4 different events. For each event, I will cap sales at 70% of the total action (60% for event 56). This means my group of year-long investors will still have at least 30% of the action (at least 40% for event 56).

If you wish to buy any pieces of any of these individual events, please let me know as soon as possible, as this will be on a first-come first-served basis. Reserving a piece is not sufficient, your payment must be received prior to my start in the event or you do not own any part of the action. If I do not play an event for any reason, your entire investment will be returned as soon as possible, or you can roll it over into a future event. When I cash in an event, you will be paid as soon as possible, in whatever manner you prefer, be it cash, chips, check, or wire. For sufficiently large cashes, you may be asked to complete some paperwork for tax purposes demonstrating the portion of the win you are receiving.

I am leaving for Las Vegas on May 27, returning June 2 or 3 for my daughter’s graduation, and will be back to the WSOP on June 8 and staying for the remainder. If you wish to buy shares, we can then discuss methods of payment. If you have any questions, please email me and I will respond right away.

Thanks, Greg

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