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Apr 9, 2020
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Hey everyone @Nuhockey has had some awesome pandemic giveaways, one of them being the Dunes CC full sample set. Being new to the Forum it was a great introduction to the group. I entered and won! Which was great because I was thinking about buying a set of Dunes. However, after checking them out I decided to go another route for building my first set. So with my first month anniversary coming up of being a part of the forum and becoming a collecting addict (seriously have stayed up till 2am waiting for a reply to my messages), I am sending them back into the community. I know that they are going to just sit on a shelf in my house so I would rather give them away to someone else who might enjoy them more.

The rules for this giveaway are in the US $4 PPFF to go towards shipping if you win. Just post IN on here to be entered for the drawing. The Top 5 names will be picked from a Randomizer and will play Hold'em to see who wins the Sample Set. I'll leave the signups open until Sunday 5/10 at 12PM EST. Since its mother's day the drawing will take place 5/11.

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Would love to be in but I am international. Good of you to bring these samples back into the community!
IN! Thanks for doing this. If I win, once I've decided what I'm going to buy, I'll do the same and put them back into the group. By then I may have several other sets and just create a larger rotating set of china clays.
Great offering to put them back into the community. I am not in since these are originally mine.
By get home tonight I meant tonight...COVID 19 really kills your understanding of time. Anyway here are our contestants!

List Randomizer
There were 21 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. @Squidge
  2. @arch3r
  3. @brofessor_phd
  4. @Colquhoun
  5. @PokerDots
  6. Johnnyesper
  7. pluto
  8. AnteAndy
  9. pippen33
  10. PlayerADK
  11. Billy_B_A
  12. Thisfiendis138
  13. PokerLegend
  14. TX_Golf_N_Poker
  15. Cascadiapoker
  16. Bulldog
  17. maxim_666666
  18. LeGold
  19. Phish1321
  20. Drifter779
  21. Regularjohn
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