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Nov 5, 2014
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Several years ago when I was moderating the Home Poker subforum on 2+2, I set up a small group buy for a custom set of "Crazy Christmas Tourney" ceramics. They were run by PGI during one of Joe's pre-printed edgestripe sales. They aren't the prettiest chips in the world - it was a bit of a rush to get the artwork done in time for the sale cutoff - but they do the job, and the job is amazing.


The Crazy Christmas Tourney is a low cost NLHE rebuy tournament, and anytime you win a hand with Santa Claus in the hole (either :kh: or :kd:), you draw a random chip from the "Bag of Presents" at your table. Each chip has a different effect - some beneficial, some not. It's ridiculous fun and something that my weekly tourney group looks forward to for months. See post #2 for the full rules that my group follows.


Two PCFers will each receive one rack of these chips. That's enough for a three-table tourney plus extras for breakage/loss. Here are the giveaway rules, please read carefully:
  1. One entry per person.
    1. You may post as often as you like in the thread, but only your first post will count for the drawing.
    2. Christmas-themed posts are strongly encouraged but not required.
  2. Entries will close at 10:00 PM EST this Friday, May 1 - possibly later but no earlier. If you enter before my "closed" announcement post, you're good to go.
  3. I will randomly select two tables of nine players from all valid entries.
  4. For each table I will run a Hold'em flip.
  5. If any player has a red king in his or her hole cards, I will draw a random chip from the following list and apply the associated effect:
    1. Merry Christmas: The player receives an extra two-card hand. Both hands are in play and either may win the flip.
    2. Gift Exchange: The player swaps cards with the player on his or her left.
    3. Christmas in Omaha: The player receives two extra hole cards. Unlike Omaha, any number of hole cards (0-4) may play.
    4. I Think I Saw Santa: Santa gives an extra board card (an ocean) that is in play for all players.
  6. The player with the winning hand at each table will receive one of the racks.
  7. I will cover shipping to US or Canada. International PCFers are welcome to participate; I will pay the first $20 shipping and you will be responsible for the rest.
Crazy Christmas NLHE Rebuy Tourney
What’s the Cost?
Entry: $5 for 5,000 chips
Rebuys: $5 for 5,000 chips, you must bust out to rebuy. Add-On: $5 for 15,000 chips, one per player at end of rebuys.
Rebuy period is over at the end of 400/800 (2 hours).
What’s the Catch?
There is a Bag of Presents at every table, and Santa’s coming! If you table your hand at showdown and it contains a red king ( :kd: or :kh: ) in the hole, you must pull one chip at random from the Bag of Presents. Table both red kings, draw two chips.

Bag of Presents

Tourney Chips (3x of each): 500 chips, 1000 chips, 5000 chips.
Special Chips (3x of each):

ChipDuring the rebuy periodAt the end of the rebuy periodAfter the rebuy period
Merry ChristmasTrade this chip for a free rebuy. You may NOT purchase a rebuy and keep this chip.Trade this chip in to get your add-on for free.5,000 chips
Secret SantaThe Spirit of Christmas moves you! You are all-in blind on the next hand.5,000 chips
Gift ExchangeImmediately exchange all of your chips, including special ones, with the player on your left.5,000 chips
Christmas in OmahaDuring your action or at showdown, you may trade in this chip for two extra hole cards. Use any combination of the board and your four cards to make the best hand.Trade it in for 3,000 chips.3,000 chips
Bah Humbug!Keep this chip until you win a pot or bust. While you have this chip, you are only dealt one hole card.Trade it in for 100 chips.Smallest chip in play
Company’s Coming!Trade places with a player at a different table (same if only one table left). Take your chips with you.2,000 chips
I Think I Saw SantaEach opponent still in the hand must expose one random hole card.Trade it in for 3,000 chips.3,000 chips

Additional Rules
  1. Winning a present. There are three ways to win a present at showdown with a red king:
    1. If you table your hand and win, you must take a present.
    2. If you are all-in, your hand must be tabled. Win or lose, you must take a present.
    3. If your opponent tables a better hand, you may choose to table your loser and take a present, but it isn’t required.
  2. Busting out with Santa. If you bust out and win a present, the present you've drawn is applied after you rebuy. If you choose not to rebuy, you don't pull a present. If it is after the rebuy period, pull one chip from the bag as a "Last Minute X-Mas Gift."
  3. Table breaks. If a table breaks and there are presents on it, the presents are randomly distributed to the other bags.
  4. The Night Before Xmas. When there are 10 minutes left in the last blind level before the end of rebuys, the clock is paused and the current hands are finished. Move the button, then starting with the small blind, each player may optionally draw once from the Bag of Presents. Afterward, restart the clock and continue play.
I love unnecessarily complicated games. I'm in!

Are the actual tournament chips plain white with denom on both sides?
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I love unnecessarily complicated games. I'm in!

Are the actual tournament chips plain white with denom on both sides?
Those are "present" chips, so if you draw one it gets exchanged for actual tourney chips from whatever set we're using that night.
This is amazing and sounds like a blast I'm definitely in and hope I win!!
This was my home game groups favorite event of the year. Highly recommend.
If I ever redo this set, I'm definitely working in 1-2 Festivus chips.

One of my regs, @Brad1316, has taken over the Xmas game since my departure from Chicago. He modified the rules a bit. He doesn't check in here often but I'm hoping next time he does he shares some of the changes and also would be a great candidate for the chips.
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