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Royal Flush
Mar 23, 2013
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I picked up the Galaxy Note 3 yesterday. The wife got it for me at her upgrade price and took my Galaxy S4 as her new phone. ATT gave us new sims and updated the IMEI numbers on the accounts. Going from the iPhone 4 to the S4 was a big difference in screen/phone size, but from the S4 to the Note 3 was just a minor bump up in size. Now I don't have to get a tablet. ;)
Lol. How do you take a pic of your phone when the camera is the phone....I guess I can use her phone. Lol.
So far so good! I'm waiting for the Otterbox Commuter case to come out for it. Batt life is good.
I have the note 2 and I love my phone I been inching to upgrade to the 3 but idk
I still have a Galaxy S2 LTE as my phone, and I can't imagine using anything larger (the Otterbox Defender case adds bulk, though). But I also have a tablet. Having both in one device is nice. Enjoy!
I never had a Note 2 so I cannot compare it, but I have heard that the Note 3 battery life is much better than the Note 2. I get almost 2 days between charges.

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