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Sep 5, 2017
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Boston, MA USA
10NL Blitz on ACR. I think I made good decisions early but then decided to polarize and my opponent folded.
Would be interested in thoughts. The action in this hand is very uncommon so I'm also sharing as i found it interesting.

I have decent HUD stats on this V. I dont think they are relevant but I will include them here just in case.
Folds to Hero on BN who RFI to 3BB with A7s. SB folds. BB calls. Standard stuff.


Hero flops the nut flush. V X and I bet tiny (1/4) pot to try to keep V's calling range wide.
I worry generally that any wider and I will get a fold the majority of the time.
I'm also not a fan of X here as most of the time V will X turn and we are losing value.
So we bet tiny to try and get a wide call and look like we are trying to take it down with a cbet.


V raises to about 4.5x. Oh very nice. I think just calling here is an option but will probably result in a turn X from V (and a turn fold if I bet, so I'll have to check turn behind missing a street of value) so I think that just maybe if I click it back the smallest amount I can get a call.


Hero 3 bets to 12.5 BB, under 2x.


V min clicks it back (4 bets) to 1.5x!!


I kind of think that calling here ends the hand so maybe if I go to 3x I can get value from a K-high flopped flush? I only lose to 2c4c and block the top end of the straight flush.
I do make it over 3x (a 5 bet on a monotone board! I had thought about jamming) and V folds.

What do you guys think - just call here and try to get more value on later streets? Or just be happy that I managed to get 24.5BB (less rake) on this board.



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Jan 11, 2016
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Concord, CA
I like betting when I flop the nut flush for sure. I think the 3b is maybe a 50% mix depending on player and perceived strength, but in position I probably lean towards a flat as you're going to be able to bet the next two streets if V doesn't and it disguises the strength of our hand. I'm never ever 5betting here, the only thing it accomplishes is pushing V off of a smaller flush or set that will probably pay you two more streets if the board runs out clean. I've had live opponents fold flushes to a 3b even, let alone a 5b. Literally the only thing you're repping here is the nut flush or maybe a really aggressively played semi-bluff with the nut blocker.
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