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Mar 23, 2024
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Chicago, Illinois
Wondering what scenarios/what % of the time you find yourself in pots that see 3bets or more on the flop, especially when its heads-up. I don't usually play deeper than 200-300bb so feels like if a pot is 3+ bet preflop then it can very quickly go all in on the flop in 1-2 bets. Would you normally find yourself in multibet flops when its a single raised pot and its flopped flush v flush or set v set? Alternatively, if you found yourself with an Ace high flush on the flop and the villain raises/checkraises your cbet (assuming you are preflop aggressor) is it worse to 3bet vs just call and see if they barrel turn/river? Fairly new to the game, so haven't explored spots like this very often.
There are no one-fit-all answers. Sometimes you wanna fast play and 3-bet/4-bet your sets on the flop, sometimes you do the same with your strong draws or even your over pairs. And sometimes it’s better slow down. It depends on a lot of different varials such as number of/type of opponent(s), stack depths, positions, what happened pf etc etc etc.

To get better answers I would suggest posting specific hands that you’ve played that had one or several decision points where you were uncertain of how to proceed.

Check out this section and take a moment to look through other hands posted to get a feel for how they are presented and what kind of information is provided

It is indeed pretty rare heads up to 3 Bet and 4 Bet on the flop in a heads up pot mostly because you can get it all in by the river with out 3 betting the flop. If you flop the current nuts, bet and the opponent raises you do you really need to re-raiseto get it all in by the river? If you don't have the nuts on said board if you do re-raise do they actually call with worse? Dynamic wet boards seem to have the most potential to 3 Bet/4 Bet the flop live even though from what I understand these flops should be CBet less often in general by a more polar range.

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