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May 6, 2013
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Hi, just throwing this out there as my set slowly comes to being finalised, does anyone have an example of DG Peach and Arc Yellow together on the same chip?

I really need to finish my 1000 chip and am strugling with colors. To my eye the color samples look diferent enough to work, but when they are actually together on one chip it might not end up being the case.

If anyone has done this before or has pics please let me know.

Pics of the orange spectrum with and without a very blue flash. I hope this helps.


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Thanks quicksilver. It does help. It looked fine at home but I've been at work for a week and not having my samples infront of me is making me have second thoughts.
Fwiw I think putting the two together in a spot that is actually connected would be OK but the base would have to offer a high contrast like black, charcoal or even the dark green or dark blue. I have a complete sample set of the colors so pm me I can help you in anyway.
Plan is arc yellow base with dg orange and dg peach 614 spots
I'd caution against it. Arc yellow and DG peach are two of their closest colors I would say. The original (the really original) mockup on Big Blue was the nutty-nuts for that chip IMO (Orange w/yellow and arc yellow.)
I agree I really liked the original but was trying to avoid more yellow, and wanted to try a brighter base. The set is quite dark with the 100 and 500.

Oh well. A bit more time to ponder.
Here you have a few pics:

DG peach, Arc yellow, DG peach

DG peach, Butterscotch, Arc yellow

DG peach, Black, Arc yellow
One of these color combinations might be better.

Sorry about the crappy quality pic. From my laptop which is about to die...


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It would also be important to note if pics are of oiled chips or not. I found the Lt. Chocolate and the Chocolate did not play well together, until I oiled them. Then it was all pop-a-licious!

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