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Feb 11, 2017
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We are taking the kids on college visits next week (not all schools have cancelled tours so far), and I think I’ll have some time for poker a few nights. I plan on visiting Encore Boston . . . easier to drive and park or Uber?

We will be in Boston a few nights and Philly and Bethlehem a few nights . . . What is the best poker room in the Philly area? If it matters, I mostly play PLO.

You'll want to go to Parx when closer to Philly and Wind Creek (formerly Sands Bethlehem) when out near Bethlehem. Parx is pretty much the best in the area IMO
Parking at Encore is free now, although easy not so much. If you're visiting on the busy nights such as Friday or Saturday, if the Uber is cheap or expense-able that's the way to go. If you don't mind sometimes waiting in a huge line to park and and navigating a confusing maze driving in could work. They added a rideshare drop off in the garage so that really sometimes backs it up. Make sure you set your drop off point as the "main entrance" or "hotel entrance.

Edit: Never played PLO at Encore but the NLH is pretty juicy so I'm assuming PLO should have good action.

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