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Feb 6, 2019
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Iowa, USA
I was looking for thin shelves to display my dealer buttons in my poker room, and found these. Almost four feet wide per shelf, so a bunch would fit on each shelf. Only issue is you might need to put some kind of spacer in front of the buttons so the buttons would stand tall and not lean back too far. Maybe a thin clear acrylic strip or something similar.


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Michaels has a nice little shadow box. I’ve had one for ages but never got around to using it..:oops:
Just need some black sponge and could get 10 in it easily. :D


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Finally got around to hanging my dealer button display shelves. Each one is 4 feet wide and fits twenty 60mm dealer buttons. Shelves are 7” apart (from the top of one shelf to the top of the next). Very happy with how they turned out! Will likely put a fifth shelf at the bottom of these, so each set of five will be 100 buttons.

I still have 26 buttons to put on shelves, but I ran out of shelves! And will have another 55 by the end of the month. Guess I need to make more.





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A couple of people have expressed interest in making these shelves. They were incredibly simple. Here goes:

I bought all of my supplies at Menard's and Amazon. Lowe's and Home Depot should also have these boards in stock.

The shelf base is a 11/16" x 1-5/8" "drip cap" board. It looks a lot like wood, but it's actually PVC. At Menard's, it comes in a 12-foot length, which is enough to make three of my shelves.
Menard's PVC Drip Cap.PNG

The shelf backer is a 1-inch x 3-inch "trim" board (actual dimensions are 3/4" x 2-1/2"). This is also PVC material. At Menard's, it comes in an 8-foot length, which is enough to make two of my shelves.
Menards PVC Trim Board.PNG

I buy two drip cap boards and three trim boards so that I can make six shelves at a time with no leftover board. The great thing about the drip cap board is that it has a little groove already on the board, so the dealer buttons can rest in this while leaning against the trim board.

I purchased metal "keyhole hangers" from Amazon (43mm x 16mm). Mine came in a 30-pack (includes 60 installation screws), which is enough for 15 shelves.
Amazon Keyhole Hangers.PNG

I purchased rubber "cabinet door backers" from Amazon (1/2-inch diameter. Mine came in a 100-pack, which is enough for 33 shelves.
Amazon Rubber Door Bumpers.PNG

Finally, I purchased some Loctite adhesive in a 4-ounce tube, as well as a package of 2-inch trim nails.
Amazon Loctite Adhesive.PNG

  • Cut the boards to 4 foot lengths using a table saw. The PVC material is white throughout the board, so you don't even need to paint it (although you can if you so desire).
  • Use a very thin line of the adhesive (I used a Q-tip to spread it along the edge of the trim board) and nine 2-inch trim nails (spaced every 6 inches apart) to attach the boards. Probably overkill, but whatever.
  • Attach two keyhole hangers 32-inches apart on the back of the trim board, which is 8-inches from each end of the shelf. Use two screws per keyhole hanger.
  • Attach three rubber backers to the back of the drip cap board - one on each end and one in the middle.
  • That's all there is to it! After it's all said and done, the cost per shelf is just over $12 each, which is MUCH cheaper than the thin or "low profile" shelves I have seen online.
Let me know if you have any questions. Here's a few more pictures to show how it all comes together. Difficulty level is 1 out of 5.



The only bad part of finally having the display shelves on the wall is that when I get a new button, I need to shift everything around because they just HAVE to be in alphabetical order. I just got an Avalon Club button this weekend. :bag:
Dealer button display shelving update. My collection has grown to ginormous proportions, which required many more shelves. I now have the far wall of my poker room covered with 24 x 4-foot dealer button shelves. Eight shelves per column. Each shelf fits 20 x 60mm dealer buttons. Planning to add 8 more on an adjacent wall, but that's where I will call it quits. Not on the collecting ... just in terms of wall space dedicated to my DBs.



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Oof nice work!! and alphabetical order! This pleases my OCD :cool
I hadn't even noticed that, good spot. Now all he has to do is turn the rounders bear button around so it shows the Russian side. (The brown bear one specifically, the other one needs to stay the same!) That was tilting me when I was looking at them all lol.
Actually, just leave it, I sometimes forget what's going on on the world...

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