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Nov 6, 2014
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I was hoping to avoid making this public, but it seems I've arrived at an impasse...

Last July I bought a large amount of chips together with a well known chipper. I sent him a good chunk of money and he made the purchase, then we proceeded to divide the chips and I received my set near the end of August. We had extra chips left over, which he was supposed to sell before figuring out and refunding me the money left over. After a month and a half, I sent him an email (October) to remind him, no reply. I sent another email in November, to which he replied and said he'd post ads for them in a few days, but nothing happened. In December I suggested he'd just mail me half of the extra chips and then settle up, no reply. A few days later I sent another email, expressing my concern for his lack of communication, and suggesting he just refund me for the chips (imo it's unlikely to lose money if/when he sells them), again no reply. I was fed up and needed to take a step back in order to enjoy the holidays.

Finally just over a week ago I sent him another email, listing how much he owes me ($440, about half of it from my part of the extra chips) and requesting a timely payment. Still no reply. During the whole thing this person has been active on the forums, buying new chips, even attending games with other chippers like nothing's wrong. You know who you are, so please contact me asap to take care of this.
IMO these types of threads are useless without naming names - how are members supposed to know who they should potentially avoid doing business with?

I genuinely hope your situation is resolved, although it appears unlikely at this point.

agreed in principle. but it's touchy when you're still trying to collect. that's why so many of the scam threads in 2+2 get delayed so long. the poster knows he's less likely to get paid once he's used all the leverage he has, i.e., the public shaming that the other party would like to avoid.

sorry for your situation, though mipevi. i also hope it's resolved ASAP.
You Name Names!!!!!


- - - - - - - - - Updated - - - - - - - - -

Not taking the piss...But...this may actually work in a fun kind of way....

Day one (today) post his/her hidden name as ________________

Day two add a letter as so: ________t_______

Each day adding a new letter until the individual contacts you.

I genuinely feel for you in this situatation. I just got taken for a ride through feebay as a seller. eBay ALWAYS sides with the buyers...
Hmm a game of hangman, perhaps? :rolleyes:

I didn't post a name (yet), because I still expect this person to come through, and it wasn't just some random guy on eBay.
Based on this persons actions and lack of attention to this deal you made, it appears quite apparent he has no intention of making good on this. I would name names and at least spare someone else in this forum the same grief (and sorry you had to deal with this)
Based on this persons actions and lack of attention to this deal you made, it appears quite apparent he has no intention of making good on this. I would name names and at least spare someone else in this forum the same grief (and sorry you had to deal with this)

^This is a pretty good point.
Hold on a second so I can get my:

I think you've given them plenty of time, so perhaps its time to out them. Although I do really like the hangman suggestion. Games are fun!
Wow I'm really saddened and surprised to hear this. Most of the members here are amazingly trustworthy. I hope they settle up with you,

Part of me is afraid he is about to name someone I like as a poster. [emoji33]
Wow, I feel your pain, pevi. You've been very patient. Reminds me of my ASM-Vegas debacle. Hope they step up and do right by you.
Patient? Or Saint?

I'd of been so pissed I'd of grown superman powers and flown to the dudes door!

good luck...nothing worse than getting burned.
OK, everyone who is NOT the other guy, post here saying "It's not me"... by the process of elimination, we'll figure out who it is! ;)

I think it was professor Plum, in the Library, with the candlestick...

Oh, "It's not me".
It's not me is it? Occasionally I have the chip dream. I suppose it's possible that I'm making deals in my sleep and not remembering them in the morning. It's called nocturnal omissions.
Watching this with interest to see who it could be.

You kinda have to spill it now, though.
I'm sorry to hear about this mipevi. As I recall, this isn't the first time you've gotten burned when buying chips. However, I know the first one was NOT a member's fault.
I usually just blame everything on Mojo and things sort themselves out.

Nooker says it was Nooker in the bathroom with the $8.75 Great Plains poker tournament winner bracelet. Also, Nooker came in 271,232 out of 271,245 players in the subsequent tournament. Nooker out.
Wasn't me ociffer, I swear!

I deduce that OP's repeated use of the pronoun "he" is in fact a ruse and the killer culprit is actually... ABBY99!!! (DUN DUN DUN!) :eek:

Seriously though, the list of people who may meet the criteria listed in the OP is pretty short. Like about 5, tops. I'm really not enjoying suspecting any of them of this. Sorry to hear, OP, hope it works out and please keep us posted if it does.

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