Custom dice (or other engraved stuff) - any interest?


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Jan 31, 2020
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So, in addition to custom chips (under design), my "hotel" needs its own dice. After making a prototype, I was pretty happy with the result and figured out others might want to have something like that for their poker rooms (or just because). To make sure I don't do anything wrong, I contacted Tommy to get some advices. To be able to offer my services to the community, I would need to become a vendor (fair enough, happy to do that), but before I do that I really need to check whether there is any interest at all as there might be need for a relatively big investment in materials for this to make sense at all.

So, here is the prototype (red 19 mm die and shiny gold paint):

LeGold_dice_1_sq.jpg LeGold_dice_2_sq.jpg LeGold_dice_6_sq.jpg

Colors available:
* dice: red, green, blue, yellow, purple (see photo below)
* paint: many to choose from, but in this particular case shiny gold/silver or white would probably work best


It is a CNC engraver, but the paint job is labor intensive (very manual), until I'm satisfied with the result. The artwork can be basically anything (vector or bitmap), the detail level depends on the thickness of the graver (see prototype for the thinnest lines). The paint is acryllic and might not withstand very wet environments. Also, the dice after this process would probably not pass casino precision balancing requirements :)

The price would depend partly on price of raw materials (which again depends on the quantity of ordered dice), complexity of the artwork, etc. I expect it to be about $5 per die with one side engraved, and then $2 for each additional side. Shipping prices are a bit weird - due to the thickness, these shipments fall into the fixed $10 category for up to approx. 35 dice. For shipping other types of items we'd figure it out on a case-by-case basis.

I would therefore kindly ask anyone who would be interested in this to reply with the following:
* how many dice you would order (1 / 2 / 5 / more)
* preferred color(s) and breakdown if more than one
* how many sides would you like to get engraved on each dice?
* interested in having other stuff engraved? (max ~3 cm / ~1" thick objects)

Other types of comments and suggestions are more than welcome as well.

Then, if I see there is enough interest, we can continue the discussion (hopefully) in the new vendor sub-forum :)

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