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Jul 29, 2023
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for my boat set i tuned a toolbox in a chip case with little DIY.
There are many better protected cases available for sure, but these
toolboxes are quite solid in normal use.

Important is the racks don't move in the case.
The back of a poster frame works well for the base plat.

I glued some rack-stops (any small straight piece) with epoxy glue on the platform.
This should be exact for a good result.
Draw the outline of the rack on the base, and measure the thickness of the rack,
for the optimal placement of the stops.

Spray paint all over and that's it.

In the case is a foam mat that close fit perfect the lid.
Depends on the case how much is right.
You should apply a light pressure to close the lid completely (3-5mm)

The middle slot holds a 43mm rack tilted, or 48mm chips padded with the foam mat.

Must be love! ; )



Thanks for looking,
Doesn't seem to be a lot of padding for the chips. Are you just using the case for storage or are you using it for transportation?
I'll use it for both.
It's actually only padded on top, but the fact they don't move,
padding is needless, i.m.o...
Don't forget - the racks are blocked on a blocked platform.
No movement at all : )
Even when you shake the case like an idiot*, they don't move inside.
* tested by myself.

If fully loaded with the additional rack, i keep the rack closed with 2 rubber bands.
And fill the gap to the lid and towards with foam pads.

In the rack i sticked chair felts cut in half to fill the gaps.
Under the rack is the same anti-slip mat as used in the shell of the case.

Nothing with a lot mass moves. Otherwise is chaos!

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