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Nov 7, 2014
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Fantastic work, loved following this thread.

Maybe a small thing to finish it off -> small engraved badge on every draw with logo of the set.


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Jun 3, 2020
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Has this storage cabinet been fitted for 43mm racks? PM me with pricing details and capacity numbers. Thanks.
I've yet to build any 43mm racks for one of these, but it's certainly feasible if I'm making the inserts out of wood as well. I'll do some math and figure out capacity today snd shoot you a PM in a bit.


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Dec 14, 2020
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Frisco, TX
Finally got the cabinet about 95% wrapped up and pulled it outside to take some beauty shots. Still need to borrow a set of chips to show it off loaded up, but until then figured y'all will still want to see the finished product. For reference, the case is build of solid white oak with the top and side panels made of African mahogany. Each of the trays are made of white oak sides, with the front and back highlighting a different wood as well. In these photos those woods are (from top to bottom) figured black cherry, walnut, sapele, brown-dyed figured maple. The last bit I need to figure out is the internal lighting. I got some LED strip lighting in, but needed some additional wiring parts. I also need to determine if I'm just running lights along the top, or also down the sides, inside the case.

And now I'll just blast you with photos... All credit for photography goes to my lovely wife.

This is my favorite shot.
View attachment 479044

Here is the case all closed up.
View attachment 479047

And now all opened up. Upper compartment dimensions are 18.5in wide 18.75in along the side and 5.75in deep.
View attachment 479048

Here are a few more thumbnails of the case from various angles.
View attachment 479049 View attachment 479050 View attachment 479052 View attachment 479053

As mentioned previously in this thread the whole cabinet was designed around the 1000 chip trays from Spinettis Gaming:

I'll be looking at trying to figure out some inserts for a few other options as well. I know that @TX_Golf_N_Poker is working on a solution for 43mm chips.

Let me know what you think! Lot of work in getting this prototype all figured out, but learned some lessons along the way and I have a few ideas for improvements on any future builds.

Will start a vendor thread here shortly, if anyone is interested in some fine furniture to show off your chip collections.
Spectacular!!! Great work!! Only if I had a poker room. Maybe if I boot the wife out, lol..
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