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Oct 11, 2017
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Hey guys - looking at ordering a cash and tourney set from CPC. Below is where I'm currently at. The inlay file currently in there is the logo I'll be using, but the design is not done yet. Denominations in order pictured is .50, $1, $5. $25, $100, $500, 1k, 5K.

i too like the idea of clear disambiguation between cash & tourney. also, it seems like the edgespots aren't a progression. that's OK if that's what you like? but, the .50 being ~ the same as the $5k would bother me (unless they were all the same ~which speaks against the 1st point)

the 6a14, 4ta18-14-18 & the 3ta316 are your most complex patterns. if you're attached to those patterns it would seem better (to me/IMO) to see those on your 500, 1000 & 5000

also be careful about sharing colors (mandarin red) from denom to denom as they'll easily be confused
I can see potential dirty stack issues with your $1 & $5 chips. You want to avoid shared/similar colors especially on consecutive chips. Both chips having red and white and the green of the $5 can look blue.
Thanks everyone for the input! so decided I'll just do a tourney set instead and get cash game chips later down the line. What do you guys think about this revised set?
I'm a retard, and my opinion be worth less than .02

But...while I like that T5K, sunset beach/ACF look alike, it tilts me here.

Dont know why. In a vacuum, it's nice. But with your set, it doesn't fit. Just me though. Only my opinion.

EDIT : it's more the edgespots on the chip itself or the progression doesn't work for me visually. The base color is great.
like jeevansluck, i'm still hanging up on the progression. it's like it goes 3, 9, 6, 8, 16. it doesn't seem like there will be dirty stack issues between the blue & the black but, 2 common colors chip to chip would edge in to my OCD anyway. grain of salt; i don't like to use the same color 2x in a set (that's me) of course, it would freak me out not to take advantage of 1/4 pies or V-edge spots (more salt grains.)

i super like the triple moon & the 8d18 pattern though
Retro Blue or Blurple may give you more contrast on the Arc Yellow chip instead of the purple spot

And Dayglo Peacock May give you more contrast than the light blue spot on the pink chip
Ok lets try this revision. All the comments have been very helpful and I appreciate the responses!

toiurney v2.png
something like this example checks all the boxes w/ no color repeats (no dirty stacks) and each successive edge spot pattern is greater than the previous

kinda does a 3 - 3/6 - 3/6 - 8 - 8/16 thing

probably keep playing with it. you might think about your inlay too. the "liga warrior" text might benefit from not having the gradient as it makes it more difficult to read. Also, IDK what the text underneath says so it won't be legible on the inlay either.

the graphic is cool & benefits from the gradient ~gives it kind of a "coming out of the shadows" look
ok guys need some feedback on the inlay color. White or black?
Thanks everyone for the input! so decided I'll just do a tourney set instead and get cash game chips later down the line. What do you guys think about this revised set?View attachment 439088

I'm sorry. I don't like it. Some of the individual chips are awesome. The first problem that I have is there there isn't any flow to the edge spots. The tri moon is fine. Then its way to big of a jump to the black chip. Then imo, you take a big step back with the purple chip.

I also don't like all of the yellow'ish colors in the mock up.

Sorry, you asked.

Ultimately, get whatever the hell that you like.
i like white too. i did black inlays & where it kind of got to me was on the black chip.

contrast is good

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