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Aug 23, 2013
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So playing a buddy's game last night, which involves several mini turbos. 2300 starting stacks, 14 min rounds, doubling blinds... Crappy structure, but it's what the group plays.

Ive just be all but felted by a bad beat. I literally have one T50 chip left...

Avg stack is around 3.5k. we are 8 Handed. Blinds are at 100/200 and I hitting the blinds the very next hand. I'm all in for way less than then bb, it's not looking good folks. Anyway, People are colluding to knock me out (or chip me up), not sure... I fight back, all ins against 3-4 callers for a few hands. I work my way back to workable stack, eventually chop it up 2-ways once we get heads up. Pays top two.

There was no skill involved. Just got lucky, picked up cards in the end...
Is it just me? Does anyone else LOVE that the first thing a commenter mentions is the lunacy of a T50 chip, even before congratulating Tri on the win? LOL . . . love it.

Actually, that was my first thought as well. Really? Who plays with a T50? Then I read the rest of the post.

Congrats! Way to go!
Is it just me? Does anyone else LOVE that the first thing a commenter mentions is the lunacy of a T50 chip, even before congratulating Tri on the win? LOL . . . love it.

No, links is 100% correct. Gross. The first turbo game, the starting stacks were already set out, and included T5, T10, T25, T50, T100, and T500 chips... Utterly stupid

the scone game, I was out early and stacked chips, with was limited to 5-25-100-500 (right?), and they still bitched, lol. This game isn't even real poker, it's more about playing in my friend's insane game room and hanging out with friends.

The last game, I was running deep in the prvious game and didn't get to stack chips... Grrrr, oh well. Lol
You stacked T2300? Couldn't find 2 x 100 to make it something reasonable?

Sounds VERY similar to the game our group played Friday. Two T1000 turbos, 15 minute levels, blinds advance by less than double for most levels though. Adding my casino Paulson chips and a blinds timer app has lessened some of the insanity,but there are still players who limp into most flips without looking at their hand...
Not criticizing the comment as those stacks, based on the update, are RIDICULOUS, but I just thought it was amusing.
Congrats Tri but meh T50. Those are some strange denom breakdowns.

I did this once at a casino SNG. Was down to one T100 black chip and proceeded to run like the wind, busted a popular reg which earned me a buffet from the floor, and the woman to my left was so angry after every all-in I won I thought she'd have a stroke. Chopped it 2 ways iirc, stupidest thing I've done in poker was to bail when on that heater lol.
Yuck. I play in my friends house with exactly the same denoms. 1-5-10-25-50-100-1000-5 of a different chip for 5k-1 of another different chip for 10k :confused: I always offer to bring my chip set and teach them proper structure, but they like it as is :confused:
When I bought my first chip set (Claysmith Desert Heat) I was ignorant enough to get T50 chips. After joining CT and realizing that they were a total waste of space I upgraded to the Claysmith Milanos without the T50s. It took me over an hour to explain to my guests why T50s are pointless.

Some players just don't understand.

8-8-6-6 if you're a casino.

12-12-5-6 if you want optimal.
I played in a game once on a pool table and they started with a combination of 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 for a T1000 with blinds doubling every 15 mins. No denominations/no print outs either, just various colors and the 50 was black which really threw me off. Everyone splashed the pot except me. I caught a few people splashing light.

They play a 2-2.5 hr tourney so they can get in 2nd one. I somehow managed (er luckboxed) to bust out most of the 14 players and took 1st. Luckily my ride had to leave and we couldn't stay for the 2nd tourney. I may have stuck a fork in my eye if we had stayed.

Oh, the winner has to buy new paper cards for the next game because the cards always get bent. I slipped my buddy a five and said, "just in case I can't make it next time." Haven't been back since.
This happened a couple months at an APT tourney. I'm sure this guy feels your joy. Congrats!


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