Denominations for a ~400 chip set with $10 or $5 buy in for 4-5 players? (2 Viewers)


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Apr 16, 2023
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I have a chip set with the following chips:

195 x red chips
106 x green chips
81 x white chips

All chips are blank/have no $ values on them. What would be a good way to split these chips up for a 4-5 man table, with each person buying in for $10? Would probably do about 2-3 rebuys at most per person. Can also drop the buy-in to $5 if there aren't enough chips to support a bank roll of 4x$10x5 = $200 but ideally we'd do $10 to keep the tension higher.

I am Hosting our first poker night with mates here, and none of us have really played for real before. I'm not to sure how people are gonna bet (going big or being very conservative), so I'm not sure if that'd affect what the best way to divide up the chips is. Also any advice on what blinds to use would be great :)
I’d choose .05/.25/1 and play .05/.1 with the $10 buy-in being 100BB. Make the color you have the most of be the workhorse, so reds are the quarters. Have the whites be nickels and greens be bucks.

That’d be a bank of .05x81 + .25x195 + 1x106 or $158.80. That’s 3x $10 buy-ins per person.

You probably don’t need 4 buy-ins per person because it’s a zero sum game. For each person rebuying, someone else’s stack is getting bigger on their 1st buy-in.

So someone could get stuck 5-6 buy-ins, and even if half the people at the table do that, the other half are only in for 1 or 2. Unless you have a lot of turnover at your table.
White - 5¢ x 80 =$4
Red - 25¢ x 192 = $48
Green - $1 x 106 = $106

Total bank $158

Sounds like that would be more than enough. If by chance it gets really crazy and you run out of bank, then $5 or $10 bill, or even $20 bills can play.

If you have 5 players, assuming a $10 buy-in give them each:
5¢ x 16
25¢ x 20
$1 x 4

Rebuys in 25¢ and $1.
If your players are used to standard denom colors and you want to play a little bigger, you could have the whites be $1, reds be $5, and greens be $25. Total Bank would be $81 + $975 + $2650 = $3706.

Buy in for $10 or $20 in real money, play “$1/$1” or “$1/$2” respectively, with the chips actually worth 1/10th when cashing out.

Or since it’s non-denom, maybe just have them worth .1/.5/2.50 directly. (But if they did have standard denoms printed (or if you eventually get a set that has them), the 1/10th face value would work.

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