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Oct 26, 2023
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I am trying to make sense of the ceramic chip manufacturing scene, and a couple of things confuse me.

I have come across what looks like the 3 big manufacturers of ceramic chips; BR Pro, Tina (or "Tina") and Sunfly.

- When looking at store fronts like Apache, Jacks Poker, PokerStore.de etc, it seems like each of them get their ceramics supplied from one or mainly one of these manufacturers. Is this the case, or are there other suppliers/manufacturers out there? Are some of the big store fronts producing their own ceramic chips?

- What's the deal with the two-card mold? Is this a design adopted both by Sunfly and Tina, or is one supplying the other?

- What is going on here? It seems like both BR Pro and Sunfly are producing the Valentino chip set. Is one of them just re-selling the other's chips?
BR Pro's Valentino: https://brpropoker.com/collections/valentino/products/valentino-sample-set
Sunfly's Valentino: https://www.apollonchips.com/product-page/valentino

Thanks for any answers! :)
I’m not very well tuned with how some of those ceramics appear on multiple vendors but I know for sure you can’t go wrong with brpro if you ever settle on ordering some ceramics. S tier customer service and great quality chips!

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