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How many? Am looking for about 100, can you give me dimensions for these?
I have literally stared drooling.... Bud Jones or Matsui? Are Conando Plaza 1s possible to aquire somewhere?
I just closed all the links in this sale, finally! But don't dispare, it is in preparation for an upcoming MASSIVE BLOWOUT SALE!!! Targeting presidents day right now and will keep you posted as we get closer. It will be worth keeping an eye on this thread as it will alert you when the new thread opens. REMEMBER....I have some chips that I have never offered before but I believe they have been offered at one time on here by other vendors.
tenor (1).gif
I hope you’re going to continue to have Cincinnati Horseshoes, my plan all along has been to squirrel away my pennies and order them when able, it’s hard for me to get $500 together all at once. :(

I still have the horseshoe Cincinnati and I will be offering a small portion of my inventory in this upcoming sale at the lowest Prices that I have ever offered them before.

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