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3 of a Kind
Nov 8, 2014
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Austin, TX
Hey everyone. Here are my currently filled birdcages. I have one empty 1K birdcage and I'll need one more to cover the CPS chips I have coming in hopefully this week or next week :)

I'm a big of the 600 chip birdcages, as you can probably see. I like to be able to see my chips! Thanks for looking!

Great looking chips you've got there. I love those 600 bird cages. I've got a couple of them myself and I'm amazed at how heavy duty they are.
Looks good. Where did you get the 600 cages?
Nice shots! Now I'm jealous that my chip count is substantially less than yours.

As far as the 600 ct. birdcages go: I'm almost positive that Joe @ PGI has them as well, but you might want to shoot him an email and ask.

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