Big name poker pro-signed chips from CL. (1 Viewer)


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Sep 11, 2014
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thought i would share this. (i dont want it, but an interesting find for Craigslist in these parts)
too bad the signatures are on crap chips. $300 for the set.

What, those are not crap chips.........oh sorry had a Pre CT moment......

Nice find to bad those are not casino chips..
Johnny Chan gave me a hard time (jokingly) because I had asked him to autograph a $1 Bellagio chip. "A buck? Is that all I'm worth -- a buck?" The memory is worth more to me than the chip. :)
I was lucky enough to have my Aunt back when I was really young get number 4 - Bobby Orr's autograph personalized to me.
Stupid stupid young me decided it would be awesome to put pin holes in it. Ya I actually put thumbtack holes all over it in about 10-15 spots.

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