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May 18, 2015
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New Hampshire
We might be staying a single night in Atlantic City on the way home from a trip...... I am favoring Bally's or Caesar's , but wanted to get any input. Not looking to spend 300/night or do high stakes games, maybe some low blind poker and cheap blackjack. Don't want to stay out by the marina either.

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I was happy staying at the Tropicana. It has the only 5 buck craps in AC I believe. That's all the info I have.
Last time I was in AC, about a year or two ago, we stayed at Ceasers and it was pretty decent. I think they closed their poker room and merged with Bally's, which is probably now the main place to play on the boardwalk and offers 1/1 - 2/5 regularly as well as daily tournaments with lower buy-ins. Good thing about staying in that area is you're pretty central to everything in the boardwalk area. Tropicana is nice if you want to just stay in one place for all food, gambling, and entertainment, but I don't think you'll find much poker happening there anymore. Again, haven't been recently but pretty sure for poker Borgata > Bally's > Harrah's or Nugget.
good to know... and Bally's rooms are on sale for cheap. If they have 1/1 poker, I may have found the winning hotel :)
If they have 1/1 poker, I may have found the winning hotel

Bravo app currently shows two tables of 1/1, six 1/2 Super and four 2-6 Limit. Pretty sure the 1/1 buy-in cap was $150 and 1/2 Super was $500.
I'm partial to the Trop, because its poker room is pretty decent, and it has IMO the best in-house assortment of shops and restaurants (including Cuba Libre) in AC.

Also, we now hold ATLARGE there, so the poker room staff gets poker people.
Last time I was there, the Trop was still running a decent poker room, and as previously mentioned has great restaurant and shopping options on site. The hotel rooms are adequate. My personal recommendation if you must stay on the boardwalk is
The Chelsea. Non-gaming hotel with beautiful rooms, a great diner and superb steakhouse. Trop is right around the corner, so gambling is easily available.
I am booked at Bally's....... only for a single night (its stopping on our way home). We'll be in the city maybe 15hrs tops. I'll play a couple hours in the casino, grab my souvineer chips for the wall, then continue the long drive home.

Thanks for all the input!
I didn't read this until now but we just got back from AC. I stayed at an AirBnB for $59 a night about a 10 minute cab ride from Borgata. Cool thing about AC is that all cab rides cannot exceed $13 if destination is within AC. However, uber was still cheaper ($8) to get to the casino.

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