Best fun in Vegas!l - Sigma Derby at The D!! (1 Viewer)


Jun 28, 2019
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This post is a bit overdue but is a sincere thanks to another member I’ve never even met!!!

Back-In-Time I posted a message about my wife loving some horse racing floor game they used to have at MGM Grand in Vegas. Real quarters. Bet on a plastic horse and it paid odds if your horse won. Old-School Fun!

@theshepherd chimed in that the game was called Sigma Derby!

Fast forward to a few months ago where I was able to get to Vegas for work and my wife was able to join me for a few days. It’s probably been a decade+ since we were there last, but her first question literally was ‘do you think my horse game is still at MGM?’

A quick google led me to no, MGM took it out when they could no longer get parts…but also to the fact that The D in downtown has the last operating machine in the US!

Long story short, I surprised her with a trip to The D, we turned a $20 bill into quarters, and had an old-school blast for probably an hour and a half on that $20! A circle of adults screaming at plastic horses moving around a track like we could influence the result…alcohol flowing and stakes no one would care about! Just plain fun!!!!!

The night got late, we decided to put a last big bet on the massive underdog, and it hit!!

Probably the most fun my wife and I have had in Vegas…ever.

So many, many thanks to @theshepherd for shepherding us (see what I did there!) :).

Just wanted to call out the sometimes side-awesomeness of this place!!

I remember the machine at MGM. It was a hoot. I still recall putting a quarter on a long shot and winning a boatload. If I make to the D I will def have some fun again with this.
After years of trying, finally hit the 200:1 in 2018.

It’s the best game. So much fun.

Eagle eyes will notice the bet doesn't match the payout - this picture was compiled for dramatic effect :) BUT IT HAPPENED.

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