Bad dog!


Full House
Nov 9, 2014
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Outlet Mall in San Marcos
We are playing with my PCA set last session including my secondary $5s because it is the 4th of July game.

There is a six month old puppy in the house. 11 pounds, looks like a Jack Russell / Schnauzer mix. (but who knows? He came from a dog rescue source.) His name is Buster

One of the players is a particular favorite of the dogs. She is always good for a treat if you beg hard.

So the dog's favorite player gets up from the table. The puppy jumps in her chair and looks like he would like to play a hand. Real cute! Then someone tosses chips in the pot. Buster decides to rob the pot - jumps on the table, grabs a near mint five dollar chip and heads for the "chew pile" - the place where all the toys go to for proper chewing. The good doctor gives chase and rescues the chip just in time. I am thinking that Paulson poker chips are no match for a puppy - whew.

Bad dog! -=- DrStrange
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