Legit gripes or overly sensitive on my part? (1 Viewer)

Shuffling the pot? wtf. I couldn't imagine someone being comfortable enough to shuffle the pot, let alone keep doing it after being asked to stop twice lmao. Weird situation. If you are the host that's pretty disrespectful of them to just ignore you. If you're not the host I'd probably try to not get too worked up about it. Maybe just ask for an "exact" count of the pot. Either way, sounds like an annoying player.
1. He shouldn't be reaching across the table to make change, nor making change at all mid-action. It's always better to let this wait until everyone's bet/ante/whatever is complete, to avoid any confusion. He should just post the oversized chip and wait for the dealer to kick his change back. That said, this part is a mere annoyance, not a major issue.

2. Even if there's a reasonable case for him to manage the pot (e.g., long table and he's sitting in the middle, a situation I'm often in), he should not be shuffling it or otherwise handling it longer than necessary. It's frankly a game-security issue. Bad enough to have done this at all, but then you ask him to stop and he keeps going. Still out of line, but maybe he thought it was okay because you just wanted a count, and he gave that. But then you ask him to stop again, and he keeps going, and you have to basically yell at him to get him to stop.

This dude needs to understand that it's not about you getting a count. He should not be playing with the chips that don't belong to him and are being contested by other players. Period, at all, ever.
Villain ..... and he starts making change by reaching across the table and picking up chips from other players' (plural) antes ($5 from everyone, temporarily placed in front of each player).

This in itself is a massive no-go.

If that happened in a game I was hosting, I would intervene immediately and put a stop to it; no matter how long I knew the person or how good of friends we were.

I even have a set of written rules where this is addressed in my "top 12" section:

"6: Only the dealer touches the current deck, community cards, and other people’s bets. If necessary, the dealer will make change from the pot when action is complete. ABSOLUTELY NO COLORING UP FROM THE POT."

For the second one, have any of you ever seen a player shuffling chips In The Pot??? And to clarify, he had already folded a street or two ago AND he had plenty of chips of his own he could have shuffled...

Um... what?

"Ridiculous" is the first word that comes to mind. No one should be handling an active pot.
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Your gripes are legit, but not against your buddy, they should be directed towards the host for allowing such a lawless game.

I've been called a rules Nazi. It's hurtful. I've never murdered millions for playing with the pot. That said, I may start with 1 if he doesn't stop shuffling those chips.

Rules aren't "fun", but they prevent the unhappiness you suffered.
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