Are color inconsistencies normal with china clays? (1 Viewer)


Jun 12, 2023
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Bay Area, California
I just got some samples of china clays (majestic and royal) and noticed some fading in the color of the chips. Is this something to expect if I order a set of china clays?

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There can potentially be color inconsistencies in any kind of chips, from production run to production run. Even casino chips can have slight variations.

Could those chips just look a little dusty? Try wiping them with a damp paper towel.

But if you would like to ensure consistency, try to order as much of the chips as you think you might need (or at least by the denom) in one order so that they hopefully all come from the same production batch.
Majestic have that a little bit, as people said, oiling and cleaning them with water gets rid of some of that, some of it still is fixed on the chip. I would say for what you pay for those chips its a pretty ok tradeoff. For some reason the T500s from the Majestics are more slippery than others but its still a very good brand of chips. I still own 600 Majestics even tho we dont play much with them anymore and they are still fun. I would say expect some color inconsistency from those tho
Yea this looks like it is fixed. Water didn’t remove any of it. For the price, you’re right. It’s not a bad trade off.
As already stated, yes color inconsistencies occur in all chip production from run to run, even the best clay chips. Always best to buy everything you need from one production run. Even if building a set and you can't buy the whole set at once, buy all of each denomination from the same run. Then get the other denominations the next time (hopefully all from the same run).

Of course the problem with China Clays or most stock type chips is you don't know if the sellers stock all came from the same production run. In that case you are gambling each color will be the same. If you have any type of OCD about color consistencies you may have to end up dealing with some buying stock CC.
looks like production dust. I had to clean mine twice then oil. And honestly, after sitting on used for about a year they needed it all over again. It is a porous material and I'm sure that dust gets in there deep

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