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Mar 14, 2023
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Hi Gang,

Made a cardinal sin and bought a set before really figuring out what my tournament starting stacks would be.

I LOVE the royal chips, but realized that i probably goofed in the amounts/denoms i bought. I will rectify this when I've got more cash to buy more chips - BUT, in the meantime, what do we think of these two options for mostly 1 table tournaments with occasional rebuys?

My Set
T500 - 175
T1000 - 175
T5000 - 150
T25000 - 75
T100000 - 25

Starting Stack
T500 - 10
T1000 - 10
T5000 - 7
T25000 - 1
Good for 75k, 150bbs at level 1 of 500/500
OR - 75k, 75 bbs at level 1 of 500/1000 for a tourney with rebuys

I would prefer 10/15/16 for 100k with 9 players blinds starting at 500/500.

100k is just a much nicer number.

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