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Mar 27, 2013
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Hey peeps.

Just looking for some quick advice/sanity check with my idea for a chip breakdown of the forthcoming Apache Majestic Card Room chips. Firstly, I would like this set to be very flexible. I want to be able to spread a decent range of micro/low stakes cash games AND tournaments. I know that I should have a separate tourney set(and I do), but this is likely the only set I buy this year. I can hear you all laughing at that last statement already.

My thoughts are to buy a 600 blanks and have non denominated labels made. My reasoning behind this is to start with a 0.05/0.10 cash game and have the ability to scale the chips up without having to buy a new set or have any unused chips.

I have also been lusting after a Big One For One Drop style tourney set for a while now. At one point I had over 1300 hot stamped Paulson solids that I cleaned by hand. I sold them once I realized that I'd probably never get around to scraping and labeling them all.

Anyhow, I'd like this set to be able to play a half BOFOD stack for 8 players, which is the table max for that tourney. For those who don't know, that would mean a breakdown of:


Per player.

That means a set of:
120-25,000(8 for T1000 color up)
80-100,000(+10 possibly for T5000 color up?)

I could also do stacks of 20/16/8/6 for more than 8 players and 10/8/4/3 for up to 20 players with plenty left for color ups.

So, using the BOFOD style stack I could do this for cash games as these will be non denominated:

120 blind chips(T25,00 tourney)
200 workhorse chips(T1000 tourney)
200 big bet chips(T5000 tourney)
80+biggest chips(T100,000 tourney)

I know that 120 blind chips isn't necessary, but I feel like this is a good compromise for a flexible set.

I understand that the chip scaling from cash to tourney could be problematic but these will mostly be used with a small group of very close friends. Otherwise, others are very unlikely to ever see/use these chips.

Am I just friggin nuts or do you think this could work?

P.S. sorry for the long post
I think it works fine.

For a long time, I played a 50 cent/ $1 game with the following breakdown:

40 blind chips (50 cent, actually a charcoal hundo re-purposed)
160 $1 workhorse ($160)
160 $5 bigger bet ($800)
160 $25 "bank" chips ($4000)

This was an ample bank for us. Even with ten players, we rarely had many greens in play. Ten people times two buy-ins is $2000, and this is a total bank of $4960. We rarely broke $2k. Degens might risk the bank, but we never did.

So your setup with 200, 200, 80? I think you're safe. (I'm ignoring blinds.)
To be safe, I'd set it up as the 80 for the blind chip, then 200/200/120 for the rest. Gives you more big bank chips.
Also, with non-denoms, you can give yourself a measure of safety by defining the big bank chip as more... mine were denominated, but if I could have called the green a $50 or a hundo, there would be no risk of breaking the bank.

If in doubt, count up what your total bank is - and how many full buy-ins that fits. If it's more than 40 buy-ins (four per person times ten players), I think you're safe.

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