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Feb 25, 2021
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San Antonio, TX
i've seen out there a pic of an Apache case holding 500 chips; also saw a statement that the 3800 can hold up to 800 chips ... anyone know what the Apache 4800 can hold?
I have 1800 chips in a 4800

2 racks wide, 3 racks long, 3 racks high, and there is still room for cards and other things. It is quite heavy though
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Lol I meant when you take chips and everything. I put my cards in my backpack and arrived with them spewed all over the place. I like that the Apache has my entire game locked and loaded.
I agree. Apaches are beautiful, sexy overkill that I can carry on a plane and get searched at the airport and the nice lady says I look like a professional poker player and I smile and blush like my 2nd grade teacher said I was handsome.

Foam isnt the best because I switched them but still very happy. I agree with you: I want to be able to carry everything I need in one case, grab and go.
I considered this myself but it doesn’t have anywhere to put my cards and buttons (at least that I know of?), so I decided on the Apache.

@doublebooyah85 how do you transport cards, etc?
You don't need anything special for playing cards. Any soft case, or a small pocket in your backpack will do.

My travel poker setup is a versa 600-chip birdcage and a rollup playing mat inside a carrying case. The carrying case has a pocket where I put playing cards and buttons.

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